Aliya Wanek

exploring the connection between identity and style. Thoughtfully designed to merge comfort, durability, & style. nurturing your identity in the day to day.

spring knitwear coming soon -

The first drop of Spring to get you through transitional weather. Comfortable, stylish everyday wear. Sustainably & Ethically minded. Produced in the bay area.

Meet Dahlia

The Wrap dress for warmer weather. Made from deadstock cotton denim, she's tailored to your curves & relaxed enough to wear anywhere. Stonewashed in LA. Also available in mushroom & washed black in a cotton-linen blend.


  • Absolutely. Trying to be more in nature and with animals!

  • Color has the ability to uplift, ground, and inspire confidence. Everyone deserves to feel seen, and AW is dedicated to creating clothing with a diverse palette, complimenting all skin tones.

  • It's our duty to produce clothing with the lowest possible impact on the environment while maintaining high quality standards.

    From small batch production to reduce waste, to thoughtfully curated sustainable fibers and processes whenever possible, AW focuses on remaining a small, purpose-driven brand, making a positive impact rather than expanding our footprint.

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